Ever since the early days of the Lotus 7, the Caterham Super 7 has been rooted in racing. Their extreme performance on the track -- indescribable acceleration and athletic handling – made well-driven Super 7s close to unbeatable in sports car and mod-sports races, and they were eventually prohibited from open competition.

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The 2005 Super 7 Challenge Series will be a division of the International Conference of Sports Car Clubs series, with twelve races held at Mission Raceway in B.C., Pacific Raceway in Seattle, WA., Spokane Raceway in WA. and Portland International Raceway in Oregon.

The Super 7 Challenge Series gives Super 7 drivers the chance to compete against each other on an equal footing – and to experience the all-out peak performance of the Super 7 GSX1300R Hayabusa “Spec” Race car.

Only one set of Avon CR500 tires will be allowed per complete race weekend. The engines are designed to last at least 5,000 racing miles before any major service work is required.

Any replacement parts – including tires – must be purchased from Super 7 Motorsports, and will be available for purchase at all race meetings. The sealed engines and electronics can only be worked on by Super 7 Motorsports, whose race-tested engineers will make every effort to maintain the same exacting standards and performance for all competitors.

Super 7 Challenge Series
The Super 7 Challenge Series allows drivers to compete wheel-to-wheel in identical cars. Engineered to out-perform every other production road car currently available in Canada, the Caterham Super 7's addictive speed and handling on the race track provides an unmatched motorsports experience.

The “Spec” Race car, supplied with its own lightweight 4-wheel trailer, can be hitched to a sedan car and driven to the track; factory personnel attend all races to provide essential support to the competitors. After competitors have had their racing fix, Super 7 “Spec” Race cars can be converted back into fully road-legal two seater sports cars.

The latest iteration of a long and illustrious racing heritage, the “Spec” race cars are set by the factory as supplied – no changes, no wrenching, no expense to go faster. Identical cars, racing with friends and competitors in the ultimate refinement of club sports car racing.

The Super 7 Challenge Series brings forward affordable, no hassle motorsports, in vehicles that perform past the wildest dreams of even the most hardened drivers. Factory personnel will be in attendance at all races to assist drivers with pit and mechanical services – free of charge.

The Series
The Rules
The Car
Super 7 Cars Inc. can also custom build you any Caterham varient that we manufacture for race or Track Day use. Please enquire. super7cars@shaw.ca

Competition and Track Day Cars
Considered too fast to race, Caterham Cars pioneered one-make, multi-class racing, with strict regulations to minimize cost and promote close, exciting competition. Since the 1980s, Caterham racing has become widely popular, and Caterham Super 7 competition is thriving in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Turkey and Japan.

The Super 7 Challenge Series is built around the Super 7 GSX 1300R Hayabusa “Spec” Race car. Derived from the successful line of Lotus and Caterham Sevens from England, the Super 7 is manufactured exclusively in left hand drive motorcycle-powered form by Super 7 Cars Inc. in Chemainus, B.C.

Team Contact

David Saville Peck AMIMech.E

Super 7 Motorsports

Telephone: (250)246-3632
Fax: (250) 246-4417
Mobile: (250) 246-7599
EMail: super7cars@shaw.ca

Track Links

Mission Raceway, Mission
British Columbia


Pacific Raceway,
Seattle Washington


Spokane Raceway,
Spokane Washington


Portland Internationl
Raceway, Portland Oregon

All cars will be sealed by the factory, and only limited changes will be allowed by the driver – changes are limited to replacement of the driver’s seat, removal of the passenger’s seat, adjustments to the suspension and tire pressures, changes to overall gear ratio and normal routine maintenance such as oil and filter changes, brake pad replacements, etc.
Caterham Superlight Series 
Morgan Mansfield racing the Caterham Super 7 ”Spec“ Race car
David Saville Peck in the Caterham Super 7 ”Spec“ Race car
David Saville Peck congratulating Morgan Mansfield

About Us
In 2005, Super 7 Cars Inc. formed Super 7 Motorsports, its speciality race division. Super 7 Motorsports produces the Caterham Super 7 GSX1300R Hayabusa “Spec” Race car.

Super 7 Cars Inc.’s motorsports division supplies race-specific Caterham Super 7s – and provides pit and mechanical services free of charge for its race vehicles competing in Pacific Northwest racings series.

Following the impressive results of the Caterahm Super 7 GSX 1300R "Hayabusa" road car within North American and abroad, the “Spec” Race car brings affordable, no hassle motorsports to the public.

Driven by a passion for high-performance competition, Super 7 Motorsports allows the public an entry into Caterham Super 7 racing, without the blood, sweat and tears that are usually associated with serious motorsports.

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