Super 7 Cars Inc.
Caterham Super 7 road and race cars are manufactured for Super 7 Cars Inc. by Ennerdale Engineering on the West Coast of Canada. Super 7 Cars Inc. is licensed by Caterham Cars as the only Canadian Distributor of all Caterham models and also the World supplier of left hand drive motorcycle powered Caterham Super 7s.

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Headed by British-born racer and automotive engineer David Saville Peck and his son Jolyon, Super 7 Cars Inc. is a cutting-edge, competition-tested manufacturer. Beginning his race career in the mid-1960s, David became closely involved in the design and manufacture of high-speed vehicles. After immigrating to Canada in 1972 to contest the Can-Am Championship, and following a very serious accident in 1975, David located his company Ennerdale Engineering, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Originally located in Duncan, BC. in the "Church Works", Ennerdale Engineering Ltd. were the LOTUS Distributors for Vancouver Island. BMW, VOLVO and Mercedes Benz service dealerships were added, before the British Leyland/SAAB Dealership was obtained.

Following the downturn in the economy in 1980, Ennerdale Engineering moved to its current location in Chemainus.
In 2000, David and his son Jolyon, began the design and development of the Caterham Super 7 GSX1300R "Hayabusa", the fastest legal road car currently available in Canada.Once this incredible car was launched in 2001/02, Super 7 Cars Inc. was appointed as the Sole Canadian representative of the Caterham brand in Canada and also the Sole WORLD supplier of LHD Motorcycle powered Caterham Super 7s. As internationally renowned specialists in automotive engineering and manufacture‚ and with over four decades of track experience‚ this has allowed Super 7 Cars Inc. to produce some of the most magnificent, refined and exhilarating vehicles available in the world today.

David Saville Peck Mosport Can-Am 1974
Jolyon Saville Peck working on a "Spec" race car

Super 7 Cars Inc. Chemainus. BC. Canada
The "Church Works" Duncan. BC. Canada
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