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The Caterham Roadsport represents one of the best value sports cars on the market. With its low initial cost, proven reliability, meagre running costs, and low depreciation, the cost of owning this true British Sportscar has made it more affordable than ever.

But low costs don't mean we have skimped with the specification. Included in the standard Roadsport package is a modern Fuel Injected 1.6 litre 16 valve DOHC all aluminium engine, 5 speed overdrive gearbox and sophisticated de Dion rear suspension. And in line with the traditional appeal of this model, the car is supplied as standard with full weather equipment to meet Canadian Legal requirements.

Like all our models, the Roadsport has never rested on its laurels and has always been subject to ongoing development, with all aspects of the car designed to ensure the benefits of modern engineering. The standrd 1.6 litre "K" Series power unit produces 115 bhp from its 16-valve DOHC design running on MEMS controlled injection system. With a healthy 120 lbft of torque, the performance of the Roadsport is impressive, reaching 100 kph from a standing start in less than 6 seconds and going on to reach a top speed of 175 kph. A 140 bhp MGXPower Supersprint engine is offered as an option for even more breathtaking performance!

Transmission is taken care of by a 5-speed all syncromesh gearbox and with 5th gear being an overdrive ratio, this gearbox is ideal for customers with an emphasis on road use. However, for those drivers wishing to obtain the best from the high revving engine, and perhaps looking for the odd foray onto the track, the Caterham designed and built 6-speed close ratio box is always an option.

Max Power: 115 bhp

Max Speed: 175 kph

0-100 kph: 5.9 secs

The Caterham Roadsport
Engine: Caterham developed
Rover "K" Series 1.6 liter DOHC
Certification and Registration

All vehicles are inspected, certified, and road registered in the Province of British Columbia, Canada, prior to delivery.
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Disclaimer: All road cars supplied by SUPER 7 CARS Inc. are inspected, certified, titled and road registered in the province of BC, Canada. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Super 7 Cars Inc. is licensed by Caterham Cars (UK) Ltd. to build Caterham Super 7s for the Canadian market and are built to the specific regulatory requirements of each Province. All Road Cars built by Super 7 Cars Inc. are inspected, certified, road tested and registered in the Province of BC Canada and meet all requirements the BC Motor Vehicle Act and the BC Motor Vehicle Act Regulations . Please contact Super 7 Cars Inc. for additional information and current specifications.