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The Caterham Seven Roadsport SV has brought together MG/Rover engine technology and Caterhams engineering to produce a car that is truly inspiring to drive. Powered by the MGXPower state of the art all alloy fuel injected 16 valve DOHC 140 bhp engine, this latest Seven provides high performance with renown reliability. The result is a very light car providing exceptional levels of balance and road holding.

The year 2000 was pivotal for the Super 7. After 43 years of production, the dimensions of the original Lotus Seven chassis were changed. As a direct result of listening to its valued customer base the Caterham Super 7 SV was created.

The design brief was to create a Super 7 that had extra interior space making the car more practical for everyday use and more usable for the larger driver, without detracting from the car's timeless aesthetic appeal and renowned handling. Judging by the exemplary reviews and accolades the SV has received from the media, Caterham's engineers have been successful. The increased track and wheelbase bestows this model with enhanced stability and greater road presence.

The end product is a Caterham Super 7 with an increased dimension chassis, offering an extra 80mm in length and 110mm in width. And incredibly, the additional size of the car only adds 25 kg to its overall weight compared to the standard Super 7. This package provides a car that will allow a greater range of people to enjoy Caterham Super 7 motoring, giving extra leg room, foot room, elbow room and headspace to this already fantastic sports car.

The Roadsport SV is supplied as standard with 14-inch alloy wheels, full screen and weather equipment, fresh air heater and cloth bucket seats and is based around the well-proven all disc braked de Dion chassis. It is an ideal choice for customers whose requirements include more road use than track and is perfect for Sunday afternoon blasts down country lanes and touring. However, this car is still extremely capable on the track, and with a few track options will be completely at home lapping the circuits of the World or as a Track Day car..

Max Power: 140 bhp

Max Speed: 200 kph

0-100 kph: 5.1secs

The Caterham Roadsport SV
Engine: MG XPower 1.6 liter "Supersprint"
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All vehicles are inspected, certified, and road registered in the Province of British Columbia, Canada, prior to delivery.
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