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Certification and Registration

All vehicles are inspected, certified, and road registered in the Province of British Columbia, Canada, prior to delivery.
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Price, options and specifications

The Caterham "R" Type "Hayabusa" has been developed by Super 7 Cars Inc,. to incorporate the pinical of Engineering Technology without sacrificing the true luxury of a "bespoke" hand built sports car.

The basis for the Caterham "R" Type "Hayabusa" is a special 1397ccs normally aspirated power plant, hand built by Super 7 Motorsprots, pumping out an impressive 254 bhp coupled to a highly modified Caterham SV chassis. This amazing car is capable of 0 -100kph in UNDER 3 secs.

The body benifits from a special nose with high front downforce, top outlet radiator ducts, complete "Black Pack" incuding Black Headlamp bowls, Black anodized windscreen frame, Carbon Fiber sill and rear fender protectors, together with a Black Alloy racing fuel filler. Full paint, of the client's choice, is also included in the specification.

The handle the massive performance of this car, fitted as "standard" are:

The attention to detail of the interior extends to:


Max Power: 254 bhp

Max Speed: over 250 kph

0-100 kph: UNDER 3 secs

The Caterham "R" Type "Hayabusa"
Engine: Suzuki 1397ccs Super 7 Motorsports "Hayabusa"

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Disclaimer: All road cars supplied by SUPER 7 CARS Inc. are inspected, certified, titled and road registered in the province of BC, Canada. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Super 7 Cars Inc. is licensed by Caterham Cars (UK) Ltd. to build Caterham Super 7s for the Canadian market and are built to the specific regulatory requirements of each Province. All Road Cars built by Super 7 Cars Inc. are inspected, certified, road tested and registered in the Province of BC Canada and meet all requirements the BC Motor Vehicle Act and the BC Motor Vehicle Act Regulations . Please contact Super 7 Cars Inc. for additional information and current specifications.