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Max Power: 200 bhp

Max Speed: 235 kph

0-100 kph: under 3.5 secs

The Caterham Super 7 GSX1300R "Hayabusa"
Engine: Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa 
Certification and Registration

All vehicles are inspected, certified, and road registered in the Province of British Columbia, Canada, prior to delivery.
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Price, options and specifications

The Caterham Super 7 GSX 1300R "Hayabusa" is the fastest legal road certified car available in Canada!

Powered by the awesome Suzuki "Hayabusa" engine, the Caterham Super 7 GSX 1300R "Hayabusa" includes a 6-speed sequential gearbox, separate reversing gearbox, digital fuel injection and ignition and full all-weather equipment.

The Caterham Super 7 GSX 1300R "Hayabusa" is based on the increased dimension SV chassis as used by the Caterham Roadsport SV and the Caterham CSR. What may be the epitomy of the true high perfomance sports car, GSX 1300R combines unmatched speed and handling with the traditional elegance of the Super 7's long heritage.

These cars are not for the faint hearted and offer true manic performance with handling to match! For the ULTIMATE just add the 254bhp "R" Tpe engine to your specification!

The ULTIMATE 4 wheel Super Bike?  YES...............!

A complete range of options are available to tailor your Caterham Super 7 GSX1300R "Hayabusa" to your individual desires.

The mighty                             GSX 1300 R "Hayabusa" power plant with 6 speed sequential gearbox.
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Disclaimer: All road cars supplied by SUPER 7 CARS Inc. are inspected, certified, titled and road registered in the province of BC, Canada. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Super 7 Cars Inc. is licensed by Caterham Cars (UK) Ltd. to build Caterham Super 7s for the Canadian market and are built to the specific regulatory requirements of each Province. All Road Cars built by Super 7 Cars Inc. are inspected, certified, road tested and registered in the Province of BC Canada and meet all requirements the BC Motor Vehicle Act and the BC Motor Vehicle Act Regulations . Please contact Super 7 Cars Inc. for additional information and current specifications.