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The new Caterham Super 7 CSR Cosworth, sees the long-awaited return of Cosworth to the road car market after a ten-year absence with two bespoke, high performance engines. The new model  also benefits from the introduction of a fully independent rear, and inboard F1-style push rod front suspension plus major aerodynamic and chassis enhancements.

Internally, as an option - the famous two-seater boasts the most dramatic overhaul of its dashboard and trim in the modelís entire 48-year history.

Max Power: 260 bhp

Max Speed: 250 kph

0-100 kph: 3.1 secs

The Caterham Super 7 CSR Cosworth
Engine: Cosworth 2.3 litre Ford Duratec
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All vehicles are inspected, certified, and road registered in the Province of British Columbia, Canada, prior to delivery.
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The new suspension system, which required adjustments to the chassis, paved the way for Caterham to revise the Sevens tubular spaceframe. The resulting overhaul sees a 25 percent increase in torsional stiffness.

To improve driver ergonomics, an optional "Integrated" driver focused curved fascia wrapped around an exposed steel tubular framework. Alloy style dials, gear-knob, handbrake and a bespoke steering wheel complete the stylish new interior, with room created for storage space in the central console and in the armrest.

Aerodynamic improvements have majored on the face of the famous Seven. The introduction of re-profiled front cycle fenders, which are mounted even closer to the tyre to cut drag, and a new larger nose cone complete top mounted radiator outlets, have combined to reduce the front end lift by 50 percent. The net effect for the driver is a major decrease in high-speed understeer.

Working in conjunction with long-standing partner, AVON, the Caterham Super 7 CSR Cosworth squats firmly on Formula Three engineered 15-inch CR500 tyres, which measure a muscular 10 inches wide at the rear to assist traction and handling. Bespoke 10 spoke lightweight aluminium wheels are fitted -7" front, 9" rear - as standard.

Wheels and Tyres

Caterham CSR optional interior

Caterham CSR Cosworth Engine
The heartbeat of the Caterham Super 7 CSR, is the new Cosworth developed 2.3-litre Ford Duratec engine. The all-alloy, four-cylinder, 16 valve, fuel injected, dry sumped, twin overhead cam unit produces 260bhp and unrivalled levels of reliability and performance.

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